Welding Technology of Air Fan Body

We offer proven robotic technology designed to automate welding processes for the production of fan bodies. The technology is implemented as a Robotized Solution, which provides the welding of fan casings in a fully automatic mode, but graft welds are not needed.

Features of a given technology:
- The biaxial positioner in the robotic complex provides controlled rotation of the welded product in two axes, which ensures the correct position of the products in the space for welding in the boat and also for the welding of circular seams;
- The product is collected in special equipment without preceding graft welds.
Exterior appearance of the complex:   


Photoes of the project: 

Video report: 


Our programmers have unique experience in programming and selecting welding parameters using state-of-the-art welding equipment and technology to achieve the highest quality and performance.
We will share your experience with you and we will educate your specialists. Our turnkey technologies are proven solutions that do not require detailed development at the design stage, reducing their overall cost.
For additional optimization of production costs, the contractor's participation in the project related to the manufacture of metal structures and equipment of the complex according to our drawings is also excluded.

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