3D cutting technology of the pipe

We offer proven robotic technology designed for the automation of 3D volume-cutting operations of general length pipes and diameters.
Not only does this technology not only cut (tread the face) of the pipe, but it also cuts openings on complex 3D tracks, including the saddle-shaped opening.
Technology is supplied complete with special software (own production). The software allows not only simple cutting paths, but also the shape of a saddle-shaped cutting trajectory (cutting two pipes at a predetermined angle) and providing the desired cutting slant.
The software automatically generates the required cutting trajectory; the operator only needs to set the basic parameters on the interface panels: pipe diameter, intersection angle, cutting edge, fire and cut parameters.
In order to achieve the best quality and compliance with the cutting technology in a given complex, the option of automatic cutting height tracking is realized.The technology is realized as a Robotized Complex, which cuts up to 12 meters in length and 800 mm in diameter (possible fine-tuning to 1.2 meters diameter). 
Features of a given technology:

Exterior appearance of the solution:


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We will share our experience with you and we will educate your specialists. Our turnkey technologies are proven solutions that do not require detailed development at the design stage, reducing their overall cost.

For additional optimization of production costs, the contractor's participation in the project related to the manufacture of metal structures and equipment of the complex according to our drawings is also excluded.

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