Robotised solutions of your individual tasks

Do you have a task or challange that you are not sure how to resolve?

We can help you!

Our future collaboration can be devided into several stages:

1) Send your general query through the Request Form or e-mail:;

2) We will appoint a project manager and technician to evaluate your requirements for the project, as a result you will get estimate price quotation;

3) If you are satisfied with the overall concept and pricing, we will start our work on detailed quotation price/lead time quotation;

4) Contract signing;

5) Contract fulfilment.

Fulfilment of the contract contains of three main stages:

a) Design / engineering works.

Design and engineering works is the foundation of the future robotised solution. 

NOTE: Nordica Sterling  has its own design bureau and more than 20 years of experience in this field, unique knowledge and know-how which

is proved by a large portfolio of Completed Projects and customer references. Experience shows that any challenges related to robotics is unique for

each customer solution.

Even if the task looks similar to our Completed Projects or Prefabricated Turn-key Solutions we will still need to create individual tooling

for rigid positioning of the work piece. 

  b) Supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and training.

Nordica Sterling  has its own high-tech metal fabrication plant and therefore do not outsource this part of the project.

The benefit is guaranteed quality, production time and delivery schedule.

Nordica Sterling  hase its own logistics center in central Europe which helps optimize the delivery of the equipment.

Each delivery is accompanied by approved shipping and technical documentation.  Our field engineers are there to help set up and start the solution. We provide full training to staff and personnel on the use of your robotic workcell for complete ease of use, programming and maintenance to ensure years of use and timely return on your investment.

c) Implementation of the complex, including creating of work programs and delivery technology.

Practical implementation of the complex - is the final and very important stage to get your product line running smoothly.

Nordica Sterling  will provide you necessary start up steps from our team members area of expertise.

Nordica Sterling - the most experienced system integrator in the FSU.


We have experience in solving complex problems in automation of welding processes, processes, metal cutting, machine tending, and many other industrial processes.

You can count on our expertise and build on our technological training and unique expertise.

Our dedicated sales engineering team will be more than happy to provide project consultation in order to meet your automation needs. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation!