Installed Solutions

Welding of fire sprinkler
Welding of Crude Oil Sampler
Sprinkler System Pipe welding
Robotic 3d spring cutting
Product Unloading, Slicing and Labelling
Palletizing of Insulation
Robotic Gas Cutting
Brazing Of Radiator Sections
Welding of Elevator Floors
Welding of Roller Bearing Supports
Robotic Milling work cell
TIG Welding Robot
Handling of Industrial Filters
Robotic machine tool loading
Robotic Arc Welding of Calorifer
Welding of support beams
Portal system for welding
Robot for Washing
Palletizing Bags Of Cement
Welding of mining trolleys
Welding of Caterpillar bucket
Flexible robotic work cell
Welding for Bogie frame
Wheel Barrow Frame Welding
Welding of fan ventilation
Welding Locomotive Frames
Welding of hydraulic cylinders
Welding of Hydraulic Lift
Robot for Frame Welding
Multipass milling
Welding of Hydraulic Cylinders
Welding of Trolley Frames
Welding of Truck Containers
Welding of Toboggans
Welding of Truck Rims
Welding of Truck Panels - BELAZ
Welding of Auto Exhaust Manifold
Labelling of Steel Coils
Robot for laying down the insulation
Robot Cell for Unloading the Cheese Blocks
Welding of School Furniture
3D-Cutting Technology for Gas Pipes
Universal Welding Robot Cell
Welding of Frames
Robot for Welding and 3D cutting
Robot for welding metal doors
Welding of chair frames
Welding of Electric Cabinets
Automated Wash of Wheel Pairs
Welding of Chairs
Loading of Cheese Molds
CNC-Machine Maintenance
Welding of Snowracers
Welding of Roller Bearings
Frame Welding
Welding of Metal Shelves and Racks
Welding of Radiator's Collectors
Welding of Hull Beams
Welding of Hydraulic hoists
3D-Cutting of I-Beams
Plasma Spray 2
Welding of Furnaces
Robot for TIG and MIG Welding
Welding of Elevators
Laser Surfacing
Welding of a Grinding Drum
Water Jet Cutting of Tires
Welding of a Fan Body
Plasma 3D-Cutting of Pipes
Welding of Metal Doors
Cutting of pipes with different cross section 2
Welding of Ribs of the Drum
Welding of Locomotive Beams
Welding of Cross Bars
Welding of Overall Constructions
Welding of Doors
Robot Cell for Cutting Springs
Welding of Gutters
Welding of Walls of Railway Cars
Cutting of the Ends of Springs
Welding of Large Structures
Welding Robot Cell
Welding of Massive Items
Service of Forging Press
Loading / Unloading of Cheese Blocks
Welding Station
Robot Cell for Welding and Cutting
Universal Robot Cell for Welding
Cutting of pipes of different cross section
Spot Welding
Welding of Diesel Locomotive Beams
Robot Cell for Welding Doors
Training Robot for University
Universal Robot Cell for Cutting
TimeTwin Welding
Loading / Unloading of Machine-tool
Robot for MSTU (Bauman University in Moscow)
Welding of Traction for the Tractor
Powder Painting
Welding of Fan Body
TIG welding
Plasma Spray 1
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