Universal Robot Cell for Welding of Industrial Roller Bearings

Project:Universal solution for welding of industrial roller bearings

Description of Project:

Nordica Sterling designed, developed and implemented a welding robotic work cell solution for manufacturing industrial rolling conveyors systems.  

Features of this welding solution included

- Welding robot is placed on the L-shaped column, and has the capability for controlled displacement along the column height; 

- The column is mounted on the linear module, which also provides controlled linear displacement;

- Two welding positioners provide alternate controlled rotation of welded parts in the horizontal axis. Two positioners allows maximum load of welding robot;

These features greatly expand the work envelope of the robot and provide universal opportunities for automatic welding of a large range of products;

The welding robot is also equipped with a removable laser scanner which trace the welding trajectories in real time. 

Additional Information:

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