Robotic Work Cell for Heavy Industry Welding

Project:Welding of Overall Constructions

Description of Project:

Welding Solution Engineers at Nordica Sterling have designed and implemented a truly flexible robotic work cell for welding various geometric shapes and designs. The work cell includes two different types of positioners.

The first positioner is a two-axis L-shaped rotary-tilt with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kg! It provides controlled rotation of the weld component along two axes. The second positioner provides controlled rotation of the weld component in the horizontal axis, and thus has the function of raising / lowering the level of the axis of the face plates.

The industrial robot is placed on the L-shaped column, which has the function of turning along the vertical axis, as well as the function of raising / lowering the robot, which significantly expands its reach. The L-shaped column is mounted on a linear guide, for travel up to 20 meters, which also expands the working area of ​​the robot.

The robotic work call has a tool change function, which in automatic mode allows changing welding torches, as well as installing / removing a laser scanner.

This technology is considered universal and allows for welding a wide range of products of various geometric shapes, designs and weights.


Additional Information:

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