Surfacing / build-up welding and removal

Automation of surfacing/build-up welding to adjust and correct welding flaws and imperfections can be performed by an industrial robot solution.

NS Robotics and Automation offers several solutions for automation of surfacing processes with the widest range of industrial robots, including advanced laser cladding/surfacing. Robotic surfacing/building- up welding process can significantly increase the surface hardness and fundamentally extend the service life of the various parts.

The use of robots for surfacing/building-up welding automation enables significantly improve production efficiency.

Experience shows that surfacing - a technologically complex process, which requires the welder great skill and considerable experience, may not guarantee the absence of defects and other problems associated with the human factor.

Robotic surfacing/building-up welding technologies ensure surfacing products in fully automatic mode, and the person is given a role of the operator.

NS Robotics and Automation is pleased to offer you effective solutions for modernization and automation of surfacing using industrial robots.

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