Robot Cell for automated service plate bending machines

Robots for press bending can greatly improve the production process associated with service plate bending machines.

After several years of carrying out the use of plate bending machines in production, many plant managers / technical mangers of manufacturing enterprises either plan, schedule, or intend to implement/integrate bending robots in order to exclude the human operator from the heavy work that requires incredible concentration and special skills.

Often the worker can face limitations to detect manufacturing defects, all of which can be controlled a specialized industrial robot solution to perform this demanding task at high speeds and with incredible accuracy.

Industrial robot for bending cope with any maintenance tasks plate bending machines/ sheet benders much more effective than a person does.

NS Robotics and Automation offers an advanced robotic technology control system with a fully integrated vision and inspection process of angles, folds and required lengths. NS Robotics and Automation plate bending machinery is also scalable with quick and easy provisioning, eliminates human intervention and is designed to meet productivity goals, reliability, incredible accuracy, and cost effectiveness in manufacturing operations.

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