Why comprehensive approach?

The current stage of development of machine production is characterized by a shortened life span (up to 3-5 times in the past 30 years), a reduction in seriality (for example, in the United Kingdom 75% of metal parts were produced in batches of less than 50). Quality of use and increased complexity of products.
Today the success of every production enterprise depends not only on the quality, outlay and production cycle of the products, but also on the speed with which they master and introduce new products.
That is why it is important to take care not only of the technical and technological modernization of the production, but also of the whole company at all levels of the pyramid:

Comprehensive solution is not an empty phrase, behind it is the understanding that everything is connected in the enterprise: product assortment, production, production preparation, production management are all related elements of a single chain that determines the competitiveness of the enterprise generally.
It is important to understand that devices can be purchased, competencies can be purchased (purchased), but the competitiveness of an enterprise depends on how it is organized generally, this is the basis we take into account when implementing complex projects.
The implementation of complex projects envisages the company's technological audit, the reengineering project, that is technical modernization, the development and implementation of turnkey flexible production technologies, production preparation, enterprise management.
Speaking of technological modernization of enterprises, we mean not only the competitive technology of product manufacture, but also, what is particularly important, the competitive organization of enterprise planning and management processes.
We are ready to propose an effective, comprehensive technology solution based on the patented "Three Projects" patented methodology, which enables the phases of technical modernization and modernization, starting with analysis and auditing.
In addition, we propose our own methodology for carrying out a Technology Audit, which is unique in engineering consultancy.

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