Technical Audit ( Design, Engineering)

For the long-term development of a competitive company should be effective not against the background itself, and against the background of leading international companies in the relevant industry. It is often important to get away from temptation, which dictates management, make decisions through past calculations or current present.
It is important to understand that devices can be purchased, competences can be acquired, but the competitiveness of an enterprise depends on how it is organized in general, this is the basis we take into account when implementing complex projects.
The implementation of complex projects provides for the company's technological audit, reengineering project design and technical modernization, development and implementation of turnkey flexible production technology, production preparation, enterprise management.
"Nordica Sterling Ltd" has developed its own unique methodology for carrying out a technological audit whose key tools are:
- systems theory and constraint theory;
"Three Projects" methodology;
- imitation modeling.
This approach effectively recommended itself in the construction of new turnkey plants as well as in working with active productions.

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