Automated Palletizing Bags Of Cement Bags

Description of Project:

Robot palletizer of 50KG Cement Bags.

The robotic work-cell palletizes bags of cement in fully automatic mode. 

To ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the work-cell, Specialists at Nordica Sterling designed a special gripper with increased protection of moving parts from dust, dirt and other foreign matter. In addition, the robot controller is placed in a protective ventilated box. 

The work-cell provides stacking of up to 5000 cement bags weighing 50 KG each per 8 hour shift. To realize such a high productivity, 4 loading / unloading zones were provided that ensure continuous operation of the robot, and there is a safe access for the output of ready (loaded) pallets and input of new (empty) pallets. 

To ensure Quality Control there is the addition of a special buffer conveyor with a drive equipped with laser sensors to detect the presence and removal of defective bags in the working area of ​​the robot.  

Additional Information:

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