Robot Cell for Arc Welding of Hydraulic Cylinders

Project:Arc welding with preheating of hydraulic cylinders

Additional Information:

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We offer proven robotic technology for automation of welding process during the fabrication of hydraulic cylinders.

The welding technologies we offer is delivered as a welding cell that ensures fully automated welding of the hydraulic cylinders.


 Technology features:

-    Linear module expands welding robot reach and ensures its controlled shift.

-    Single-axis positioner is fitted with a universal chuck and enables controlled rotation of hydraulic cylinders in horizontal plane thus ensuring high quality of circumferential welds.

-    Headstock with a shift function to fix the position of workpieces having various dimensions; the maximal distance between the positioner surface plate and the headstock might vary depending on the customer requirements.

Welding Cell:





Video report of a completed project: 


Our programmers have gained unique experience in programming and selection of welding parameters using the state-of-the-art welding equipment and technologies which ensure maximal quality and productivity.

We are ready to share our experience with you and to train your employees.

Our turnkey technologies are a proven solution that does not require additional detailed engineering during the design step, thus reducing the total price.


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