Robot Cell for Cutting Gas Pipes of Big Cross-section

Project:Robot Cell for Gas Pipes 3D-Cutting

Description of Project:

Robot Cell provides cutting of overall pipes (up to 12 meters long) in fully automated mode. The robot performs the task of cutting holes of any shape and size, including cutting saddle-shape holes. In addition, the technology allows to trim the pipe under different angles, cut holes in the keys and much more.
The robot is equipped with a scanner, which provides a preliminary scan of the surface of the pipes to determine its shape, size and possible curvature.
To extend the reach of the robot, the L-shape column is located on the linear module, in addition, the robot is able to move along the L-shape column in height.
A universal cartridge and specially designed tooling allows to fix pipes of various diameters from 150mm to 1520mm.
Each supporting roller has a drive and is controlled by an additional axis of the robot to be adjusted to the desired diameter with the support of a rotatable tube.
The total number of axes controlled in this Cell is 14. Of these, 6 are industrial robot, 7 and 8 linear modules, 9 main rotator 10,11,12,13,14 supporting drive roller bearings.

Additional Information:

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